Weaving Unit:

Our Weaving departments consist of highly equipped shuttle less and Power looms. With Over Monthly Production Capacity of 300,000 Lbs our Weaving Department is all geared up to face the challenges of the textile industry. Our Well Trained Contractors and Workers take care of the Product from the beginning till the end. We Design the Product to the best of our Customer need. Since 1986 we are improving Our Departments more and more to facilitate our Customers with Outstanding Quality.

Our weaving Department consist of 24 Shuttle Less Looms and 106 Power Looms. We have made Contractual Agreement for weaving Fabric for Kitchen Towel and Bedding Items

Processing Unit:

Our Custom-built Processing Unit helps improve our Quality. Our In-House Unit Consist of:
β€” Towel Bleaching Facility
β€” Towel Dying Facility
β€” Full Shop Towels Dying and Bleaching Facility
We have made contractual Agreements with Finest Bleaching Unit on Overheads. We Avail Continues Bleaching and Soft Flow Processing Facility From them.

Stitching Unit:

Our In House Stitching Department is our root of QUALITY. We Perform Our Best at this Stage. Each and every Step at this Level is being carried out efficiently. From Stitching to Grading each and every step is under care of our Experienced and Skilled Quality Checkers. To meet the Customer standard each and every step is being observed by our Highly Skilled quality Checkers. We make sure we meet the Quality Standard that our customer demands before it is moved for Packing.


After stitching it’s time to Pack the Goods and Ship it. Keeping in mind the Delivery Time each and Every Step is being carried out. Our Packing Department packs the Products and it is then forwarded for Bailing and Carton Packing. Fine Towels has its own Bailing Machine. Product after Bailing is being Marked and Stored in the warehouse for Shipment.